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Doj & Rotc

The Justice Department has said it continues to believe that the Solomon Amendment is constitutional. The department has the option of appealing the decision to the full 3rd Circuit Court, or to the U.S. Supreme Court. It’s important that both the administration and the courts hear from the public. If this case is abandoned or lost, the denizens of the academy will be free to line their pockets with federal money, while barring not only military recruiters from law schools, but the ROTC, and every other representative of the military, from campus. Congress and the Pentagon ought to be using the Solomon Amendment to bring the ROTC back to our campuses. The Solomon Amendment’s protections need to be strengthened, not eliminated. Empirical surveys have confirmed what everyone already knows that our college campuses have contemptuously cut themselves off from mainstream Americans. Now the academy adds insult to that injury by insisting on the right to bar our soldiers, while also benefiting from their sacrifices–and taking the public’s money to boot. Neither congress nor the administration ought to take that lying down. This case must be appealed.


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