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DOJ Spending over $500k on LinkedIn Profile

The Department of Justice is paying LinkedIn $544,338 to “enhance” its company profile, according to the Washington Free Beacon. The contract, agreed to on Christmas Eve, gives the DOJ unlimited access to the names and profiles of all of LinkedIn’s 250 million users through the site’s “Recruiter” function.

With this new access, the DOJ plans to find qualified potential applications and advertise to them.

“No other vendor has access to this wealth of user information pertaining to professional backgrounds, experiences, achievements, and aspirations, as well as other demographic information, on such a granular level,” the DOJ said. “This will allow our ads to be served to qualified, potential applicants in a highly targeted manner.”

With targeted advertising the DOJ hopes to “increase brand awareness,” and by having access to people’s professional profiles the DOJ says that it can better distinguish between qualified and unqualified candidates, thereby “freeing up staff time and workload.”

Via Fox News.


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