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The Dominionists, Con’t

This AP report by Richard N. Ostling

is the most detailed I’ve seen yet about that conference on dominionism and

the religious right at CUNY. Ostling does his best to be fair by rightly

noting that some conservative Christians have taken their own rhetoric too

far of late. But Ostling is clearly put off by the one-sidedness and

extremism of this conference. He’s also quaintly shocked that so obviously

partisan and political gathering is filled with scholars and sponsored by a

university. We’ve heard all the criticisms of the language and political

inclination of religious conservatives. Will we now hear indignation

against The Rev. Bob Edgar, a former Democratic congressman and general

secretary of the liberal National Council of Churches? Edgar strongly

favors religious politicking–except by conservative Christians. And Edgar

believes that the desire of conservative Christians to have fewer activist

judges means that: “This may be the darkest time in our history.” I await

mainstream media outrage over Edgar’s dangerous quest for a liberal

religious theocracy. Note also that Ostling dismisses the link between the

tiny fringe movement of dominionists and mainstream evangelicals.


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