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Even Trumpier Than Expected

There is no way around it: It was an incredible night for Trump. It doesn’t astonish me that he got almost 60 percent in Connecticut, but he hit 57 percent in Pennsylvania. Trump had a legitimate surge in the Northeast. At the beginning of last week one internal poll in Pennsylvania had Trump’s lead in the state in single digits. Maybe that poll was off, but Trump won by 35 points. Yes, Cruz pulled out of all these states and Kasich didn’t have nearly enough juice for respectable second-place finishes, let alone enough to make them truly competitive, but Trump’s numbers are what you would expect of a frontrunner who is beginning to put a race away. The question now is whether this surge is limited regionally or transfers to Indiana. Certainly, all of the Trump-is-inevitable talk in the media isn’t going to hurt him. If Cruz has a gambit to blunt the media narrative out of the Northeast and turn the page going into Indiana–there’s been speculation of a VP pick–this might be the time to drop it.


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