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Krauthammer’s Take: Trump Understands That Fighting Intel ‘Is a Losing Proposition’

Charles Krauthammer said that Trump’s aggressive tweets toward intelligence are shortening his honeymoon period, and that he is right not to continue fighting them:

I think Trump understands that the fight he is in is a losing proposition. He is in what should be the honeymoon period of his presidency. It is supposed to start when he is sworn in, he is supposed to be anticipated, and like most presidents, start with the wind at their back. He has now been so involved with so many issues with so many tweets, that it is as if the marriage has already started.

This is not something he can win because there are so many Republicans who are concerned about the intelligence and who don’t want to denigrate it or to diminish it. I think his statement today was a good one. “We had a good meeting” — he didn’t say, “I accept” or “I don’t accept,” but he basically said “I take it seriously enough that I will order an investigation,” — for 90 days, a general one into cyber attacks. “We are going to be tough on this.” That’s fine. He needs for this debate to stop. It can continue about the details about what Russians are doing here, in France, in Germany and elsewhere, but it should not be Trump versus the world. It sort of reminds you of when he got into the fight with the Gold Star parents — it’s one you can only lose, it’s a personal one, and I think he understands he has got to let it go, which I think he’s doing, and that is very smart to do.

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