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The Don, Jr. Meeting 2.0

It turns out that the Russian lawyer came to the Trump campaign with the promise of dirt on Hillary. For the son of the candidate to take this meeting, and drag in the campaign manager and the son-in-law, was amateurish, at best. You don’t need to be naïve about how the world of oppo works to believe that Don, Jr. should have referred this to the campaign counsel and kept out of it. Also, his initial statement on this story was highly misleading and rendered immediately inoperative when the Times reported its more complete account — after, interestingly, White House aides apparently dropped the dime on him. This meeting still doesn’t come close to the collusion that Trump’s detractors allege, but it contradicts various blanket denials of this sort of thing and highlights how the Trump team has been determined, to borrow a phrase from the Clinton scandals of the 1990s, “to tell the truth slowly.”


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