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Romney Is Out — Very Out

I was struck by this passage in a Wall Street Journal article about Romney and Trump. Not only is Romney a “no” to a third-party bid, he doesn’t even want to criticize Trump anymore (also, note the typically crummy personal shots from Trump):

Conservative stalwarts revived a push for a third-party candidate, with a keen interest in Mr. Romney. “I made it clear I’m not running,” he said.
On May 11, he again criticized Mr. Trump’s failure to release his returns, calling his position “disqualifying” and implying his returns could have “hidden inappropriate associations with foreign entities, criminal organizations, or other unsavory groups.”
Ms. Hicks said: “Mr. Trump is undergoing a routine audit. He will release his tax returns when the audit is complete.”
Other anti-Trump forces were losing momentum. House Speaker Paul Ryan, Mr. Romney’s 2012 running mate, pointedly hasn’t endorsed Mr. Trump. After Mr. Ryan’s May 12 meeting with the candidate, the Speaker said he was “encouraged” about their many agreed-upon principles.
Mr. Trump revived his public attack at an Anaheim, Calif., rally Wednesday, saying Mr. Romney “chokes like a dog” and “walks like a penguin.”
At his oceanfront home, Mr. Romney said he didn’t expect to criticize Mr. Trump further but wouldn’t rule it out.


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