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Krauthammer’s Take: ‘You End Up Being United by the Nature of the Opposition.’

Charles Krauthammer said Wednesday on Fox’s Special Report that he believes many previous Ted Cruz voters might ultimately support presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump despite saying they wouldn’t.

“I think the pattern is the same in just about all elections. On the night you lose you don’t want to even think about supporting the other guy. In the end you end up being united by the nature of the opposition. That’s what happened in ’08; it will happen here,” he said.

Trump’s choices for his cabinet could determine how much support he will have in the general election: “A lot of people are just afraid that this guy’s a novice, he doesn’t know a lot, and he appears impulsive,” Krauthammer explained. “The first important appointment is obviously going to be the VP, but . . . if he can choose a cabinet with people of stature and reassurance, you get somebody who’s respected in the party with a long history, and he’s going to be secretary of defense, or she’s going to be, then that not only reassures you about the policy, but also it’s a nod from that respected individual that Trump’s going to be okay.”


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