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Krauthammer’s Take: Trump’s Presidency Will Apparently ‘Be Nothing Like Previous Presidencies’

Charles Krauthammer said that Donald Trump appears to be heading to a unique presidency, and that Democrats will do everything they can to create disunity from the inauguration on:

His presidency, if the path is any indication, it is going to be nothing like previous presidencies. The direct communication with the public through Twitter, the lack of political correctness, the idea that he would make new foreign policy off the cuff in a transition period. The transition was the most remarkable I have ever seen. I mean, he became essentially the president and was acting like one. He made the dollar slip just a couple days ago with a single tweet. So he knows what is within his power, but I want to reemphasize: The unity issue is going to be a big one. And here I blame the Democrats. Before he is being sworn in, a third of them are not going to show up to what is supposed to be a glorious moment in our civic life. This is the lowest partisanship — apart from the fact that he’s got the lowest popularity numbers which I’m not sure really matters — he’s got the highest partisanship index coming from the other side that I have ever seen. And they intend to make this rocky so it’s going to be a challenge right from the beginning.

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