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Chicago 2016

A Trump rally in Chicago was cancelled tonight amid chaotic protests and clashes between the protestors and Trump supporters in the venue. The first thing to say about this is that it is wrong to disrupt and shut down a political rally, period, full stop. This was a mob action, and it was disgusting. Of course, Trump thrives on polarization and has sought to turn up the temperature of his rallies with his notorious suggestions that protestors should get roughed up. The spectacle tonight will probably only help him: It means that Trump will–if that’s possible–get even more media coverage over the weekend and it will make him a purported martyr to free speech (even though he wants more latitude to punish his critics in the press through loosened libel laws and his campaign manager just manhandled a reporter). If it’s enough to stoke his turnout even slightly or turn some more voters his way on Tuesday, it potentially could be a decisive event in the race.


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