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Donald Trump, Economic Ignoramus and Habitual Liar

Donald Trump does not understand the economics of immigration. That much was clear from his protests that he simply had no choice but to import foreign workers for short-term work in Palm Beach. Trump never considered — nor, unfortunately, was he asked — the relevant question: “At what wage?” Yes, jobs may go begging at low wages. That gives you two choices: expand the labor supply to keep wages low, or offer higher wages. Trump, who poses as the great champion of the American worker, chose foreign workers at low wages.

On the subject of obvious questions: How is it possible to be, as Trump claimed he was, the most pro-Israel man on the stage while being, as Trump also claimed to be, “neutral” in the Arab–Israeli dispute? You can be neutral or you can be pro-Israel, but you can’t be both.

The answer is that habitual liars lie habitually, and Trump is a habitual liar.


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