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Eyes (Sleepy?) on Midland (Mich.)

In Impromptus today, I begin with a reflection on President Trump (a natural thing for a political journalist to do). On Saturday, he tweeted about “Sleepy Eyes Chuck Todd.” (This was a reference to the host of Meet the Press.)

Does it matter when a president behaves this way? When he calls someone “Sleepy Eyes,” for example? Does it matter as much as the Carrier deal or the Keystone XL pipeline? As much as the “issues”?

That is the subject of my column — along with a smattering of other subjects, befitting an Impromptus.

Tonight, I will be speaking in Midland, Mich., at Northwood University. For info, go here. My topic is Children of Monsters: An Inquiry into the Sons and Daughters of Dictators.

Midland is in my home state, and it is the home of Dow Chemical. Once upon a time, people thought this company was responsible for the Vietnam War. Really.

I knew Northwood, when I was growing up in Ann Arbor, as the Northwood Institute. It had a well-known musical ensemble called the “Northwood Sinfonietta.” Times have changed, terminology-wise. I look forward to checking out the place in person, sinfonietta or no sinfonietta.

P.S. Don’t miss Charlie Cooke’s report from France on that country’s upcoming elections: here. It is delicious to read, and unnerving too. A feat!


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