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We Just Re-Ran Iowa, Except Trump Won

The fear among Trump’s opponents prior to Iowa was that Trump would win the caucuses, badly damaging or killing Ted Cruz, and getting enormous momentum himself. That didn’t happen in Iowa, thanks to Cruz’s inspired campaign. But a couple of weeks later, we are almost in the same place. Unless someone unexpectedly trips him up in Nevada, Trump is going to roll next Tuesday and then rack up a bunch of wins on Super Tuesday a week later. Cruz is alive and kicking, but if he couldn’t win South Carolina, it’s unclear how he is going to best Trump in the other upcoming Southern states, with the exception of Texas. And then the landscape begins to shift to tougher terrain for Cruz. Rubio, meanwhile, surged late again, just as he did in Iowa. This time Bush got out after he finished far behind Rubio, clearing the way for the Florida senator to win more money and endorsements. But sometime soon here, Trump will turn his fire on Rubio and no one has withstood it very well. I don’t consider Trump inevitable, but there is no getting around how big this win was for him.


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