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Krauthammer’s Take: Schumer’s Throwing the Kitchen Sink at Trump Discredits Valid Criticism of Him

Charles Krauthammer said that Trump’s tax-return reveal was only favorable for him, and went on to argue that Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer hurt his own cause by stridently criticizing the president:

It’s good news because it’s the first time the issue has come up. We’ve gotten a look at a real return, and it was not only a clean one but a favorable one. It would feed speculation that perhaps it originated with Trump. I have no idea. But if it did it would be a good idea on their part to have done it.

I think the Schumer response was an example of the kind of innuendo festival we are experiencing. The Saudi stuff was outrageous — that he kept it off list because he has hotels there? Come on, everybody knows who was on the list and why. It’s just a way to throw the kitchen sink at Trump. There’s a lot of stuff on Trump but this is not part of it, and the more you try to desperately throw everything at him, the more you discredit stuff that can actually be a valid criticism.

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