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Krauthammer’s Take: Timing of Trump’s Vet Donations ‘a Heck of a Coincidence’


Donald Trump held a press conference Tuesday to address whether he had donated $5.6 million to veterans, as he had previously claimed. It emerged that Trump had donated $1.9 million of that amount in the past week, after the Washington Post began scrutinizing his claim. At the press conference, he attacked the press as “sleazy” and “dishonest.”

“This is a classic Trump maneuver,” Charles Krauthammer said Tuesday on Fox’s Special Report. “He counterattacks, and he usually counterattacks against the press, because you can’t lose in doing that – there’s no love lost for the press – and I think he did it effectively.”

Krauthammer suggested that the Washington Post’s scrutiny might have “actually stimulated the execution of these donations.”

In any case, the timing of the $1.9 million donation was at least “a heck of a coincidence,” Krauthammer said. He believes Trump’s criticism of the press “plays particularly well in the Republican primaries” but asked, “How’s it going to play in the general election?”

“It’s not that people don’t like seeing attacks on the press, but it is a sense of Trump’s character: Is this what you want in the White House?”

Another example of Trump’s poor character was his response to a question about his attack on New Mexican governor Susana Martinez (R.), Krauthammer noted. “He was asked about the attack on Susana Martinez, which he had said was because the economy was bad in New Mexico, but in this press conference he said, ‘Well she wasn’t very nice to me.’”

“Now is that going to be the criterion by which a president decides whether to attack or praise or just ignore anybody else?”

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