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Officer Is Insulted Trump Blamed ‘Lax’ Police at Tucson Rally

Donald Trump is emitting squid-like sprays of ink to conceal how his rally in Tucson on Saturday night got out of control.

Of course, protesters were disruptive and provocative — including one woman who wore KKK regalia. But Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski waded into the crowd and actually horse-collared one of the protesters. Despite clear video evidence, the Trump campaign and Trump himself denied that he touched the protester, Trump saying it was “somebody else.” But the video footage clearly shows Lewandowski with his hand on the collar of the protester.

Trump was asked why, of all people, his campaign manager was out in the crowd dealing with protesters.

“Because the security at the arena, the police, were a little bit lax,” Trump told ABC’s This Week. “And he had signs, they had signs up, that were horrendous.”

Excuse me. My brother Robert was on the Tucson police force for 30 years, and he told me today that at a private arena such as the one Trump spoke at the responsibility for security INSIDE the arena is left to the organizer, not the local police. A currently serving police officer who attended the rally and is a Trump supporter told me that he viewed the private security Trump had there as the ones who were “lax.” He said that hiring off-duty cops is expensive at $30-plus an hour, and many private events don’t hire any, or only a couple. “The security I saw at the rally were unprofessional and looked like rent-a-cops,” he told me. “It is insulting of Donald Trump to blame the police for his rally problems and we clearly were not.”


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