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No, Trump’s Immigration Policy Is Not the Same as Obama’s

Media commentators continue to say that Trump’s policy is the same as Obama’s because Trump spoke of prioritizing the deportation of criminals. But Obama has all but ended interior enforcement and Trump is pledging to bring it back, as well to repeal Obama’s executive orders and to push for a e-Verify system to make it harder for illegal immigrants to get jobs. Not to mention the rest of Trump’s enforcement program on sanctuary cities and the rest, which is completely at odds with Obama’s regime. There is no comparison between what Trump is proposing and what Obama has done. None.

Commentators also continue to get tangled up on Trump’s policy on the 11 million. Every time he says he’s not going to address it until we have a workable enforcement system, pundits say he might be softening. It is true that this is a softening from his prior (absurd) policy of mass deportation. But it is not a softening from his speech. Not addressing the 11 million now is his policy.

Also, every time Trump re-iterates this position, someone says he’s being muddled or confused. Of course, his explanations can be hazy and meandering, but the basic idea is clear and sound: Do enforcement first, and when illegal immigration is under control and there is no danger of an amnesty acting as a magnet for future illegal immigrants, then consider what to do with the remaining illegal immigrants. 


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