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Donate, Because Keith Olbermann Doesn’t Want You To

So I made a little funny in my Webathon pitch yesterday that “I no more want to beg from you than I want my daughter to introduce me to her new boyfriend, Keith Olbermann.” Last night I was informed that – well, if it weren’t Lent I’d call him a thin-skinned blankety-blank — the former MSNBC rant-n-raver named me and Rich Lowry as Worse or Worst Persons. Where? Well, he’s got a blog, “Fok News Channel,” where his brain does a daily video upchuck. Catch yesterday’s attack on our Webathon here. It’s somewhere between weird and pathetic, but also — inspiring!

Drink in all that is Olbermanniacal and let it motivate you to donate. What could be sweeter than the thought of Keith helping to raise funds for NRO. Do so here.

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