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Feeling the Love!

What’s this thing called, love? Never you mind that, let’s talk about the sweet response so far to the NRO webathon, in which we are seeking to raise $150,000, much of it for the forthcoming rebuild of NRO, and a slice ($25,000) to bankroll our annual intern program. So, let me share some of the comments provided by generous supporters since we launched the drive earlier this week (to date, we’ve raised about $23,000)

Ed breaks out a C note and shares the leg-tingle: “Words cannot describe the enjoyment I receive from reading National Review and National Review Online. I know this contribution will be put to good use.” Indeed it will. Many thanks.

Tyler sends along 50 and makes me sound like the Hound of Hell: “Jack finally wore me down. I have been coming to NRO since the 90’s. This is my first donation. You’re Welcome.” Tyles, give me a chance to say “thanks” first. THANKS!

Stephen springs 25 smackers from the piggy bank and gushes: “I enjoy NR because it is smart and reliable. There aren’t many media resources like that any more, sad to say.” Less competition for us Stevie baby!

Another Stephen blesses us with $100, attended by this thought: “Even with all the glitches, I still come back to the NR website, which says something about how irresistibly good the content is. Best wishes to you all, and good luck.” Thanks mucho.

Inspired by a webathon-promoting email featuring this clip, darling Ramona tosses a sawbuck into the boot and admits “Reeled in by Bugs Bunny!”

Big Bad Dan sends a very generous $250 and explains his thought process “I had thought of sending $100 and then realized that every IT project, web design project and the like usually require double the estimated funds to complete properly. And then I thought you should have an extra $50 for booze. You’ll need it.” Everyone at NR will be drinking Irish coffee this morning in appreciation!

Jay does $100 and has a humdinger note: “All I ask is that next time I am in Las Vegas at the same time as Jonah Goldberg, that he respond to my offer of a free meal with me and my friends (ideally by accepting. . .We’re fun!). I think that recent events make supporting NR perhaps more important than ever.  #NRCruisestillonthebucketlist” We love wanna-cruisers!

Finalmente, Wayne sends along $50 and kindly drops the usual proviso to say three Hail Marys: “All is forgiven for your ‘Against Trump’ edition.” I’ll just let that hang out there, for those who feel benevolent and forgiving, not that we’re asking.

OK folks. Get inspired. Donate here