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Judy, Judy, Judy . . .

Or whatever your name is: Please contribute to our end-of-the-year webathon, which is hoping to raise $150,000 for two reasons. The smaller one – if we hit the goal, $25,000 of the donated funds will be used to bankroll our 2017 student intern program. The bigger enchilada: to raise sufficient funds to underwrite our forthcoming rebuild of the website.

And yes, we know – from our own experiences, and from your any communications – about the crashes, the glitches, and the like. So we’re determined to have a complete rebuild, guts and all, from the ground floor to the attic, to turn NRO into a fast, dependable, shareable, flawless, and enhanced (with all sorts of new groovy stuff) website. We think this image expresses our assessment of the current condition, and the plans for success.

And now a word from our sponsors:

Kevin sends $120 and explains the reason: “It seems that $10.00/month is a worthwhile expense to support NR as you stand for conservatism against the gale force winds blowing from all directions. Stand true because as we are reminded during this Christmas season, in the end Truth will win.” Ye shall know it, and we do. Thanks.

The unorthodox $52.18 comes from Richard. There is a rationale, and here it is: “My gift to NR – one barrel of oil (or the dollar equivalent thereof). Gift to myself – clear conscience after freeloading on the NR site all year.” Damn I love how this guy thinks!

Jeffrey springs for 100 bucks and encouraging words: “Thanks for providing an island of sanity in a mad, mad world. At least once a day I read an NR article that parallels something I was thinking about given the nonsense everywhere I look and assures me, if fleetingly, that I am not the one who is insane. Thanks, and Merry Christmas!” Ho ho ho J Man. Thanks back.

And finally, a guy named Deroy sends $100 and an order: “Smash socialism!” I think I know him. You probably do too. You rock Deroy.

OK, here’s the drill: You can contribute on NRO here. If you prefer PayPal, donate here. And if you like to lick envelopes, mail a check, payable to “National Review,” to 215 Lexington Avenue, 11th Floor, New York, NY 10016. Thanks so much!

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