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Make the Nice List

Christmas approaches and one way to make sure that Santa leaves no coal in your stocking on the 25th is to do something good. Something nice. Let me suggest you doing something that will put a smile on the face of St. Nick (a charter NR subscriber!): Make a donation to the NRO end-of-the-year webathon. You can get generous here. Or, if you prefer PayPal, here. It will be very naughty neutralizing.


Over the weekend, over 150 readers secured a spot on the nice list by kindly contributing to our effort to bankroll a very needed rebuild of our website. Some offered advice, thoughts, and regards. We share a few:

  • Mike, who clearly has glitch issues with the website, contributes $25 and then spoke for a lot of people: “I couldn’t feel good muttering under my breath – and then not help with the solution . . . If I had more dough, I’d contribute more! Love you guys.” Love you back Mike.

  • Echoing Mike, and also tossing 25 smackers into the basket, is Isaac, who was just this side of speaking in tongues: “I am donating in support of the website upgrade! Do I hear angels singing? Thank you sweet baby Jesus! It is about time. I avoided NRO often because of the website issues, even though I like most of the content and I read it regularly.”

  • John springs for 50 bucks and says it better than I could “The NR line-up of contributors is impressive and is representative of the best minds our nation has to offer.” Thanks so much John.

  • Marcia kindly contributes $50, attached to a demand: “I am contributing to NRO because I love that most of your content is free. I will be disappointed if it turns out that one of the features of an upgraded site is the ability to hide the bulk of your content behind a paywall.” Fret not Marcia: We’ll just be hiding the Jonah pictures behind that wall

  • And let’s end this with Rebecca, whose $50 gift bespoke a love for NR’s all-star writers: “Truth. Better than gold. Felt inspired to donate by this opinion page. So clever. So brilliantly inspiring because the points made are true. Thank you.”

Thanks to you Rebecca, and to all those who have stepped up to help out – we’ve raised over $60,000 to date from close to 800 good people. There’s a long way to go: Our webathon goal is $150,000. Let me suggest that if you are an NRO junkie, always here, always reading, always learning, and if you realize that our site’s tremendous content doesn’t appear magically (the sugar plum fairies have begged off), and if your conscience says “Hey Ralph, it’s time you bought a round,” then how about you make a selfless contribution now? Please. It is very needed, and will be very appreciated, and, in helping to rebuild NRO, will be very consequential. And it will get you on the Nice list! You can make a safe-and-secure contribution here. Via PayPal, donate here. And old school lovers can mail a check, payable to “National Review,” to 215 Lexington Avenue, 11th Floor, New York, NY 10016.

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