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‘Crashy McCrashface’

First, here’s a pre-sequiturial, seasonal vintage Santa image to put you in the giving mood.

Hmmm. Santa seems a little lost in his thoughts. Perhaps he’s wondering . . . whether to stick it to you on the 25th. As mentioned elsewhere, he’s a big fan of NR, a charter subscriber, and has let us know that he is troubled by – how to best define them? – mooches. Of course, you not being one, you understanding that your constant reliance on NRO’s brilliant writing and wisdom does not happen magically, you never shirking a buy-back at the local saloon, you wanting to help NRO in its end-of-the-year webathon to raise funds ($150,000) to help bankroll a complete rebuild of the website (and to pay for our 2017 student intern program) – you will get treated wonderfully by Nick. And now, it’s time for Share Donor Comments.

Christian sent us $100 but it comes at a price: “I make this donation on one condition: that you call your old server Crashy McCrashface. Thank you for the good work!” Well, maybe Xt, but you’ve got me thinking about putting the naming rights out to bid. I could get much more than your hunnert.

Will matches with his own C Note and these warm thoughts: “I have loved National Review since I was a teenager — an autograph of WFB on the 50th anniversary issue hangs in my home, and NRO is practically my homepage. It has been an honor to occasionally contribute to the site, and I look forward to its future of standing athwart the march of ‘history,’ yelling stop!

Steven wised up and sends us $50, along with this realization: “Considering the fact that I visit your site almost daily, it’s high time I chipped in. Keep up the good work.” We will, and thanks.

And finally, there’s Ed and his 25 bucks, attended by his appreciation: “Many thanks to Jonah, Kevin, Kat, and the whole gang that always provide a welcome respite from the right side of history.”

How about you doing the right thing? Please make a webathon contribution right here. If you are a PayPal fan, then please donate here. And if you prefer stamps and envelopes, mail a check, payable to “National Review,” to 215 Lexington Avenue, 11th Floor, New York, NY 10016. Thanks so much!