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It’s Your Turn

That’s not an inspiring phrase, because from youth it was and is the lead to “ . . . to do the dishes” or “ . . . to change the baby’s diapers” or some other enchanting chore. Still, it’s a fact. And if you come to NRO often, and enjoy it, each and every day, several times a day, you have to realize that it is there to enjoy — yes, for free — because others like you helped make it so via their contributions. If you’ve yet to give to NRO, or if it has been a long time since last you gave, please do so now, as part of our end-of-the-year webathon. Between now and December 31st, we’re trying to raise $150,000 (to date we’ve raised about $45K) to bankroll a complete rebuild of the website. Sometime in 2017 a new NRO will be presented, cleaner and faster, no bumps or bruises, with new features and capabilities. You can donate at NRO here. If you prefer PayPal, go here. And if you need a little inspiration, hear from some recent NRO donors:

  • Thanks very much to James, who just sent a donation of $1,000. He explains: “I figure I owe at least this much for the inspiration, education, and diversion I receive from this site, especially from Jonah and Jay (hope I am not being too forward by referring to them by their first names). We should probably keep the diversion part a secret from my boss, though . . . ” James, my lips are sealed, except to say thank you very much. Very!

  • Not to be outdone, Stewart matches with his own grand. Mama mia. His sentiment is short and sweet “Thank you for your good work.” Doesn’t happen without your help pal. Many thanks.

  • Rebekah sends $25 and accolades: “Thank you NRO for standing up for true conservatism! God bless you all.” Back at you dear.

  • Peter, who sent $100, provides another generous C-note and complex praise: “Here’s another $100. I haven’t voted for a Republican since the 1990s. But having sane conservative voices out there is important to me even when I disagree with you strongly, which is more often than not.” Very very cool of you sir.

  • And then there is Kleis, who contributes $100 and a near-novella: “I appreciate ALL that NRO tries to accomplish to counteract the cultural sewage which washes over our Country through media and academia. We MUST fight back through satellite communities who instill the love of the traditional family as the foundation of any moral culture. Please keep the culture afloat as we in the heartland keep our lights burning in hopes they will give off enough light to counter the darkness covering the land from each coastline. Gratefully, Kleis. Hopefully, not a lone voice crying in the wilderness!” You’re not alone Kleis.

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