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Sugar Plums

I know sugar, and plums, and fairies when I see them. But visions of them? And combos – I mean, has anyone actually ever eaten a sugar plum?

I don’t begrudge these cute, sweet-dreaming kids anything though. Have at it (but watch out for those fairies with the spikes on their wings). Spikes or not, we at NR were counting on the seasonal sprites to work their magic and help us with the old bills and the forthcoming ones – such as the big nut that is going to need covering for the complete and utter rebuild of NRO (yes, we hear you!). Sometime next year, this very site will be fast and cool and action-packed. We were hoping the fairies would spot us $150,000 for that project. Well, they have high-tailed it, so we are asking our regular readers, especially those who spend a lot of time on NRO, to kindly donate for this undertaking. It is truly important – a new NRO is a real means to enhance and better spread the cause / mission that Bill Buckley established, and that Rich, Jonah, Victor, Jay, Kevin, Charlie, Kat, and so many others carry on.

To date some 500 people have ponied up about $40,000 in response to the webathon, and some of those selfless contributions have come with encouraging words. Such as

  • Jonathan breaks open the piggy bank and sends along $25, and speaks the truth: “I’m happy to donate to National Review. As a young conservative, I continually look to National Review for thoughtful commentary on the world we live in. Thank you.” Back at you pal.
  • Motown Keith spots us $100 and starts a therapy session: “Kevin Williamson must be a really weird guy. So how come he has the deepest insights? Jonah frequently plays the part of my conservative conscience, but he makes up for that fault by making me laugh. Victor Davis Hanson is literally (no, really literally!) the wisest man I have ever read.  Spend this miserable gift wisely – I would hate to be without you guys.” Wow, and as for Kevin being weird, no, but he does on occasion he does wear wild duds, and we have the pictures to prove it.

A little email solicitation went out today, a note from Saint Nicholas, and it sparked a thing or two, like

  • 25 bucks from . . . Buck, who said “My compliments to the work you do. I very much enjoy and appreciate your reviews!  Also, as an Orthodox Christian I love your ‘venerating St. Nicholas’ clever approach to asking for this donation. I did attend a Vigil in honor of St. Nicholas so my donation is not out of guilt :).” No three-Hail-Marys for you Buck. Thanks.
  • Jeffrey – oh man I love you Jeffrey – dug deep and came up with $1,000 (yes you read that right, ONE THOUSAND) and wished this: “Hopefully, this brings a little cheer to Ol’ St. Nick. Keep up the good work and great writing!” That created a LOT of cheer. Amazing!

I hope you’re inspired to do likewise. OK, maybe Jeffrey’s contribution is a stretch, but please, pitch in if you can. It’s all deeply appreciated. You can donate at NRO here. donate here. If you prefer PayPal, go here.