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What Would Bill Want? The conservative movement’s founder and the apostle of the keyboard (seen here at the old NR offices on 35th Street tapping away on a Kaypro, the very same machine which some 31 years ago I used after he upgraded) would want you – especially if you were someone who parked himself every day at the all-you-can-eat bar here at NRO – to do the right thing: to make a donation to our end-of-the-year webathon, which seeks the support of NRO fans and friends to help us undertake a complete rebuild of the site. We’re seeking to raise $150,000. So far, over 800 good men and women have donated about $67,000. This delights us. But there are miles to go.

I’d like to think I have made the case for your support, here. Should you agree – should you want to be part of making NRO a glitch-free, crash-immune, fast, tough, mobile, nimble, efficient, enjoyable, even-more-consequential website – then make your contribution (can you do $50 or $100? More? Heck, someone named “anonymous” just sent $1,000, God bless him or her!!) right here. Via PayPal, donate here. And if you prefer stamps and envelopes, mail a check, payable to “National Review,” to 215 Lexington Avenue, 11th Floor, New York, NY 10016. Thanks so much!

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