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Done Deal

With a spending deal finally agreed, congress acted quickly to pass a one-week “bridge” bill at about half-past midnight Saturday to avert a government shutdown and give lawmakers time to finalize the details of a long-term funding measure. Even though the previous continuing resolution technically expired at midnight, government agencies did not shut down because the Office of Management and Budget ordered them to stay open.

The bill, which cuts $2 billion from discretionary spending, passed the Senate by unanimous consent and was sent to the House, where it passed overwhelmingly, 348-70. Twenty-eight Republicans and 42 Democrats voted no. 

UPDATE: Republicans voting against the one-week CR: Amash, Bachmann, Barton (Texas), Broun (Ga.), Canseco, Chabot, Chaffetz, Duncan (S.C.), Gohmert, Gowdy, Graves (Ga.), Harris, Huelskamp, Jordan, King (Iowa), Labrador, Long, Mack, McCotter, Mulvaney, Palazzo, Pearce, Rigell, Scott (S.C.), Southerland, Walsh (Ill.), and Wilson (S.C.).

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