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“Don’t Ask a Girl For Her Phone Number,” It Would Be Inappropriate

Oh wait. She won’t have one if she lost everything in the hurricane that just displaced her and stripped her of her home and belongings.

So we’re that P.C. whipped it even rules in disasters? I’d like the Emergency Managers to get moving in the most efficient way possible. But that would require more common sense than P.C.

Some of this might be the 24-media eye just needing stories but that FEMA doesn’t seem to have a learning-curve media-wise is disturbing. Shouldn’t Chertoff just tell Brown not to go on TV, for instance? It’s frustrating his presence publicly distracts from the actual hard work being done.

I know it’s not technically his deal, but I want Honore to be asked about the sex-harassment classes. His response will probably be unpublishable.


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