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Don’t Mandate Covid Vaccines for Kids

I wrote about Covid vaccines for kids today on the home page:

The decision whether kids get vaccinated or not properly belongs to parents. Yes, other vaccinations are a condition of attending school, but Covid vaccinations aren’t going to eliminate Covid the way, say, Jonas Salk’s miraculous innovation eliminated polio. With the advent of Omicron, it’s not even clear that childhood vaccinations will do much to dent the spread. On top of this, Covid is relatively mild in children, whereas polio was a dread childhood disease.

If the case for adults getting vaccinated is extraordinarily strong, it is much less so for minors, especially for healthy younger kids who tend to be at the least risk.

Why, parents might think, take any chances with a new vaccine if it is protecting from a minimal threat (or their kids already had the virus)? Even if you believe this is the wrong call, it’s not obviously unreasonable.


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