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Don’t Miss The Friday Sermon From Baghdad

Courtesy of MEMRI:

We call on Muslims everywhere, and to Arabs. We say to them: this is the day of Jihad. The Jihad has become a personal [duty] of every Muslim. To refrain from Jihad today would constitute a violation of Allah’s commands. It is a sin. Long live the Jihad! The evil has arrived! The forces of disbelief have mobilized armies….

The criminal Bush is bringing back to the world all the arrogance and the insolence and all the criminality and the absence of humanity. He starts a war that has no legitimate [basis] only for the purpose of satisfying his wicked and evil soul and his thirst for pure blood. History repeats itself. But here is his army defeated by the force of faith. And here are his modern weapons falling against our simple weapon. We are fighting with the strength of Allah, the strength of our faith. We only face Allah. Allah will bring victory to those [who tell] the truth even if it takes a long time.


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