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Don’t Sing Angry

Groundhog Day: The Musical is on the way.

Here at MTV News, we often get word of wacky movie biz gossip that has no chance of actually being true, from an art house director rumored to be taking on a franchise blockbuster to a long-forgotten film that someone, somewhere wants to reboot for the big screen. And then there are those rumors that are just so bizarre and delightful we hope against hope they contain a kernel of truth. Put a musical version of “Groundhog Day” into that last category.

About five years ago, the famed Broadway lyrist and composer Stephen Sondheim (“Sweeney Todd”) told some folks he loved the idea of doing a stage adaptation of “Groundhog,” the classic 1993 Bill Murray comedy about a prickly weatherman stuck reliving the same day over and over again. And that was about it. No one thought it might actually happen. But when Harold Ramis stopped by the MTV News offices to chat about his upcoming movie “The Year One,” he revealed that plans for a “Groundhog” musical are not just idle gossip, but are actually moving forward.

“Danny Rubin, who wrote the original script, has been working on a book for a musical,” said Ramis.

Eat it, Shannen Coffin.


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