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Don’t They Ever Get Tired Of It?

Jon Stewart is of course the court jester for Democrats, so it is no surprise to find him riding to the defense of Hillary Clinton on the matter of her campaign of secrecy. David Brock likewise has been humiliating himself in public trying to ward off criticism of Herself. 

I wonder: Don’t they ever get tired of it? It is one thing to be a partisan or an ideologue, but this goes well beyond that. There is something in the Democratic soul that revels in servility. I keep thinking of Nina Burleigh, who covered Bill Clinton for Time and famously remarked about him: I think American women should be lining up with their presidential kneepads on to show their gratitude.” Think of those celebrities back in 2008 literally singing hymns to Barack Obama, chanting his name like Hare Krishnas chanting the Maha Mantra

Can’t we get these Democrats some tambourines, at least? 

You know who would not engage in that kind of self-abasement? Barack Obama. Hillary Clinton. Bill Clinton. 


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