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Don’t Worry About the Overgrown Boys in Knocked Up

From a reader:

They are fine. Yes, they are emotionally stunted. Yes, they are

immature. Yes, they are silly and irresponsible and drug addicts.

But they really love each other. Despite the teasing, joking, pushing,

they know and understand that what today’s men need the most is male

bonding: to bring back the elements of civil society, like the masons,

which allow men some time away from families which they love (and

obviously, Ben loves Allison, just as Ben’s father truly loves him).

In fact, the boys in Knocked Up are the antidote to the Christina Hoff

Sommers’ and the War on Boys: they’re dangerous, and live outside of

the feminized world of academia. They’re all winners, thanks to their

strong fraternal connections, and when it comes time, each of them

will do as Ben does, become responsible members of society while

maintaining their connection to their compatriots.

I’d say that the film well represents the connections between many 20

something year old men, and that it demonstrates the deepest non

homosexual, meaningful relationship between men since Sam and Frodo in

Return of the King.