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Don’t You Know It!

From a satisfied e-mailer:


Not only does NRO provide a daily dose of logic and laughter, but now you’ve made my Christmas shopping easier, too!

My father, a non-computer guy, is difficult to shop for – but not this year. National Review will be the perfect gift. I’ve ordered it and I’m confident he’ll be thrilled on a monthly basis. Thanks for the great product.

I’d also like to get him a book – maybe one that gives the reader a revealing look at the Clinton presidency, but I just can’t think of any titles off the top of my head. Maybe you know of one?

I might add, if you are in the NorthEast today, for instance, NRO shopping is a safe shopping option for you today. Forget the malls!

And remember that there’s NR Digital as an option now, too: A cheaper way to give the gift of NR all year round. Give it here. And for the paper version to give as a gift, go here.


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