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Double the Debt Here, Triple the Debt There, Pretty Soon We’re Talking about Real Money

This graph, featured in a House Republican press conference this morning, whets my appetite for some real numbers, which will be forthcoming tomorrow. You’ll notice that it projects out to 2080, which is a bit far for my taste. It’s bad enough to look at Obama’s budget through 2019.

While in upstate New York this weekend, I witnessed the soporific spectacle of Democratic Reps. John Hall, Maurice Hinchey, and Paul Tonko stumping for Scott Murphy. (Their four speeches in a row took most of the excitement out of the crowd . Low point: John Hall discussing the difference between “single-payer” and “public option” for heath care. It was supposed to be a campaign rally!)

My favorite moment was when Hinchey talked about how awful President Bush had been for “doubling our national debt.” We’ll see whether he votes with President Obama on Thursday to triple our national debt.


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