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Double Standards, Again

The post-Harry drive to ban display of Nazi symbols across the EU is misguided for a number of reasons, most of them to do with the principle of free speech, but if the swastika is to be banned, so should the hammer and sickle. A number of Eastern European members of the European ‘parliament’ are now making the same point. There is, they say, “a double standard in treating the extreme right and extreme left ideologies” in Europe.

So there is.

But this doesn’t seem to worry the EU’s Justice Commissioner, Franco Frattini, who looks to draw some sort of ‘distinction’ between Nazism and the (by implication) lesser horrors of communism, a distinction that may be lost on the one hundred million or so people slaughtered in its name.

Frattini has insulted the dead and made a mockery of history, interesting pastimes for a ‘justice’ commissioner.


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