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Double Standards, Again

The New York Times is back with another installment in its decades-long series, “Republicans Aren’t Allowed to Be Good at Politics.”

The Democrats have introduced a deeply dopey bit of fantasy they call the Green New Deal, and have fallen all over one another praising themselves for their courage and idealism. Senator Mitch McConnell is doing them the courtesy of giving them an opportunity to vote for their own legislation — and this, we are to believe, is underhanded.

This is a variation on “gerrymandering became a problem only when Republicans got too good at it.”

Democrats introduce a piece of legislation that has no hope of passage: “Ambitious!” Republicans offer to let them vote on it: “Cynical!”

Lyndon Johnson was celebrated as the “master of the Senate” for his command of legislative procedure; Mitch McConnell is pretty good with that, too (ask Justice Garland), but, in his case, that’s only a series of “guerrilla attacks.”

Have you ever read about an “idealistic” conservative in the New York Times?

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