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Wow. It’s been years, actually, since I have seen a physical copy of the America’s Future Foundation’s magazine, Doublethink. The last time I saw it, it was just a little newsletter—with great content, mind you (and it was an embryonic group at the time, so it was fitting/not unexpected). But I just opened picked up my mail and there was a self-described “low-carb issue” of Doublethink (the Winter issue), high on content, and looking plenty spiffy. The note that came along with it gives you an idea: “What do Bruce Springsteen, P. G. Wodehouse, sex on campus, open-source software and heroic bureaucrats have in common? Thery’re all covered in the latest issue of Doublethink.”

The mag’s got a great staff and AFF’s got a brilliant board (truth be told: Ponnuru and Adler on on it :-)). Don’t wait as long as I did to check it out. (The winter issue isn’t online yet, but the fall one is, in case you unwisely missed it, and you can always join and get it delivered to your door.)


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