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Doug, Baby, Doug!

That’s the way Sarah Palin should have phrased it on Facebook, Kathryn.

Incidentally, it’s not just the Associated Press that’s pre-emptively dismissing any Republican victories on the morrow as a mere dead-cat bounce on the plummet into the abyss. So is the proprietor of the former New Majority.

We shall see. For my own part, I’m glad voters in NY-23 now have a real choice instead of finding themselves in a two-party system of Dem and Demmer. My DIABLO tag — Democrat In All But Label Only — has been rendered obsolete in the space of a week, given that Dede Scozzafava, in endorsing the Democrat Bill Owens, has come clean and embraced the label.

Good for her. I’d far rather she switched to the Dems now than pulled a Jeffords or a Specter down the line. But so much for Newt’s assurance that she’d be a reliable vote for Boehner as Speaker. Beyond that, her behavior reflects poorly on the party bosses who nominated and funded her, and not just for the obvious reason that the geniuses of the Republican party’s national leadership blew just shy of a million bucks on a supporter of the Democratic candidate. This is where David Frum & Co miss the point: I’m all for growing the base, expanding the coalition, etc. But the Scozzafava candidacy was a characteristic example of the tin-eared faux-sophistry that does nothing but blow your own foot off. It’s a shame over 900 grand’s worth of good people’s donations at a time of recession should have to be tossed out of a moving vehicle on the Adirondack Northway to demonstrate the obvious point that nobody needs Scozzafava Republicanism. 

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