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‘Doug from Georgia, You’re on the Air’

I’d think better of Jerrold Nadler if I thought he believed a word of his opening statement today.

As for Doug Collins (R, Ga.) . . . ye gods. Between the faux folksiness (“scrubbed up and lookin’ purdy”), the cornpone, the undisciplined and incoherent non-argument he put forward, and the gotcha-hypocrisy stuff (you will be shocked to learn that Nadler took a dimmer view of impeachment when it was Bill Clinton in the dock), the anti-intellectualism (who needs fancy-pants constitutional-law professors!) he sounded, as so many Republicans now do, like a poorly prepared Fox News panelist or talk-radio caller. He sounded to me like he had not even prepared his remarks and was winging it.

The Democrats were clever in their choice of witnesses.

Republicans: “Constitution! Constitution! Constitution!”

Democrats: “Okay, here are some leading constitutional scholars. Fire away.”

Republicans: “Harrumph! Harrumph! Harrumph!”

I do not think Trump’s presidency is likely to be made or ended by opening statements, but, goodness. Even Jack the Ripper would be entitled to a competent defense.


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