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Dowd’s Discerning Eye

Jason – The part of Dowd’s column I like more than the robe bit is this passage:

At Harvard, Romney was in a nondrinking, nonsmoking, suburban, uxorious bubble with Ann, revolving around Mormon rituals, Mormon couples and the Mormon credo of strong, heterosexual, traditional families.

Right because Dowd’s own Catholic faith (I think I’ve seen some Catholics wearing robes too. Maybe the Times can flood the zone to confirm that) had such a different credo when it came to families in the late 1960s.While Mormons believed in “strong, heterosexual, traditional families” Catholics (never mind those whacky Protestants and Jews) were into weak, omnisexual, modern families of bespoke design.

I also hear rumors that Mormons like candy for the sweet, sweet, taste.


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