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Down the Memory Hole

A reader took a look ‘round the RNC’s website and this is what he found: once included a link to a discussion of immigration policy on it’s pages. Mind you, it promoted the president’s and John McCain’s pro-amnesty stand which most Americans, not just most Republicans, disagree with. But, now “Immigration” is not even listed in the drop down menu of issues at the top of the main page. A search of the site shows the most recent document with the word immigration in it dated last fall. This suggest that a kind of airbrushing or shredding of any evidence of the immigration issue has occurred at

Preposterous isn’t it? But it just demonstrates how pervertedly at odds the Republican leadership is with their own political base. An issue that would, in more sane times, be a rallying point for the conservative base is instead considered too controversial to even mention.

You know, like deleting Beria from the Great Soviet Encyclopedia or airbrushing Trotsky out of photos.


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