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Down on Up North

The award for the most unique and pessimistic headline/lede goes to…the New York Times for its reporting on the election in Canada:

NYT: Canada’s Conservatives Miss Goal of a Legislative Majority

Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s gamble that forcing the country into its third election in four years would give him firm control over Parliament failed on Tuesday.

–And here’s how everyone else reported the story:

Reuters: Canada’s Conservatives win with bolstered minority

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper won reelection with a significantly stronger minority government and called on Wednesday for unity in staring down global financial turbulence.

AP: Canada’s Conservative Party wins re-election

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, the first major world leader to face voters since the global financial meltdown, led his Conservative Party to victory in Tuesday’s election but fell short of a majority in Parliament.

Bloomberg: Harper Set to Win Canada Vote With Stronger Mandate

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper is on course to win a second minority government and a stronger mandate to tackle a financial crisis amid the deepest economic slowdown in 16 years, preliminary results show.

WaPo: Canada’s Harper Returned to Power As Prime Minister

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper was returned to power in national elections Tuesday, strengthening his Conservative Party’s position in Parliament but still falling just short of an absolute majority.

UPI: Canadian Conservatives win bigger minority

The Canadian Conservative party gained seats and won Tuesday’s national election but fell 12 seats short of acquiring a majority government.

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