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Dr. K. and Our Own Mark Steyn

On Uncommon Knowledge today, Henry Kissinger on Europe—and a kind of implicit homage to Mark Steyn, who inspired every question.

I ask Dr. Kissinger about the thesis of Mark’s book, America Alone—namely, that the Europe that shares our values is performing a demographic disappearing act—and I prompt Dr. Kissinger to explain comments he made in an interview in Der Spiegel that Mark discussed right here on the Corner.

Surely, I thought, conducting this interview, Henry Kissinger would reject Mark’s argument. America, alone? Surely not–not to the man who has devoted so much of his life to working with our allies. Shared values, an abiding sense of alliance, our continuing joint participation in the great community of the West—Henry Kissinger would speak of these things. He would make us feel, well, better.

Silly me.


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