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Dr. Rodgers, Meet Al Gore

Although known as an entrepreneur, T. J. Rodgers majored in physics as an undergraduate at Dartmouth, then received a doctorate in electrical engineering from Stanford. In today’s segment of the Uncommon Knowledge interview, I ask T. J. to address his considerable intellectual energies to the question of global warming. Is it dangerous? For that matter, is it taking place?

What you’ll see is a fine and honest mind, shunning the politics of the issue while weighing up the available data. The rigor of T. J.’s answers are such that I expect even Jim Manzi would approve—and maybe even (why not make the leap?) Derb himself.

Oh, and as for those rising sea levels that Al Gore is always on about? “Two feet in a century,” says T. J. Rodgers. “Hardly a catastrophe where we have to run out and immediately trash our economy.”

Peter Robinson — Peter M. Robinson is a research fellow at the Hoover Institution.

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