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Dreher’s Turtles

Note: I do not agree that only weird people own turtles. My father’s only pets as a boy were two turtles (I think they lived two weeks) and my wife is determined to get a pet turtle. Nonetheless, from a reader:

Could someone please point out that Dreher tossed in “Feed Turtles” in his morning routine? I like Rod Dreher, but I’ve had my suspicions about him before (the Rapture stuff scared me). Now I can confirm my suspicions, only weird people own turtles. You, of all people, can not let someone slip “Feed Turtles” into their morning routine without saying something. That’s like me writing up this routine:

Wake up, shower, brush teeth, brew coffee, pour milk in cereal, hide the bodies, put on shoes, read the paper, drive to work.

And then nobody mentions the “hide the bodies” part.

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