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Dress On The Hill

Drudge has this up: “Mourners’ Attire Not Quite Reaganesque… // viewers with flip-flops, cargo shorts and T-shirts, their flabby midsections exposed. Some young women wore ultra-mini skirts and halter tops…” I confess I had a somewhat similar thought for a minute last night–that people weren’t properly dressed to be in the Capitol, for such solemn occassion. That said, there is a certain come-as-you-are quality that the Capitol should attract, shouldn’t it (nevermind that it is quite hot in the D.C. sun where these people were waiting during the day, some who travelled far, too (granted: mini-skirted Cap ill staff don’t have an excuse)? Don’t get me wrong: No child of mine is going to wear shorts and flip-flops to the Capitol, but I wouldn’t want the people’s house to actually have a dress code.


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