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Drop Dead, Fidel.

This is why we love NR – the following paragraph from “The Week” appears in the May 23, 2005 issue:

Fidel Castro reads NR, but he doesn’t learn anything from it. On April 30, he quoted from Otto Reich’s cover story in our April 11 issue, on the partnership between Castro and Venezuela’s strongman Hugo Chávez. (The two were having a summit in Havana.) Reich had written, “With the combination of Castro’s evil genius, experience in political warfare, and economic desperation, and Chávez’s unlimited money and recklessness, the peace of this region is in peril.” According to Reuters, “Castro, 78, read out Reich’s words to a delighted audience in Havana’s Karl Marx Theater.” Delighted, we’re sure — not half as delighted as Cubans will be when the tyrannical old bastard finally meets his reward. Why doesn’t he read out those words, next time he’s in the Karl Marx Theater?

Look, if Fidel Castro reads NR (jefe cubano wants to know what his enemies are up to), surely you too should! Every issue of NR brims with insight, wisdom, and wit – all brilliantly written, and now all available (only through NRO) in a digital version. Get this: if you subscribe to the magazine, I can assure you your copy of the May 23 issue is in the mail – how quickly you actually get it may depend on whether you tipped the mailman at Christmas. But if you subscribe to NR Digital (which comes in PDF, Image, and Text versions), you can access the entire May 23 issue today, at noon. That’s probably a week sooner than you’d get the “paper” copy. And the cost is only $21.95 for a full year, which is nearly a third of the print subscription cost! That’s a HUGE savings for a super-timely, super-convenient fix of conservatism. Go ahead and try the Digital version of NR, which you will find (including a free sample of a recent issue) here.


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