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Drowning Babies, Good Samaritan Laws, Etc

Folks, please don’t overread into what I’ve written about the drowning baby stuff. I haven’t attempted to lay down my soup-to-nuts views on abortion and I haven’t endorsed wholesale good samaritan laws. People are emailing me with one hypothetical after another. I don’t know where I would draw the line on good samaritan laws. But I do know that I think it should be illegal not to stop and save a baby from drowning when it takes about as much effort as stopping to pick up a penny. And I do think there should be no punishment for someone who crosses the street to punch a man in the face if that man is in the process of drowning a baby. No I don’t think this is all perfectly analogous to abortion. Which was my point — that Glenn’s analogy didn’t work very well. Actually, my original point was that Glenn had written something interesting. But I guess that ship has sailed.


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