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Dumb Holocaust Reference Plus Misleading Image Didn’t Get Pedro Pascal Fired

In response to Gina Carano’s Firing Is the Product of Yet More Calvinball

Charlie pointed out earlier that, unlike Gina Carano, who was just fired, The Mandalorian star Pedro Pascal didn’t get in trouble from his employer in 2018 for making a fatuous comparison between Jews rounded up by Nazis in the Holocaust and illegal-immigrant children being jailed in the U.S.

It turns out that the photo Pascal used (and Charlie showed in his post) wasn’t even taken in the U.S., nor was it from 2018. The image that we’re meant to believe is of Mexican children being held in the U.S. is in fact an image of Palestinian children awaiting a meal during Ramadan in some sort of play area. The image was cropped to remove decorative flourishes to make the area appear to be a jail cell.

Pascal’s misleading tweet is still up as of this writing.


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