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Dumbest Email of The Day

In an email titled “kudos” in response to my column today:

Damn right! And the photos of Auchwitz and Dachau should never have been shown. What did we learn from these? They just distracted us from the more important issues.

ME Now, I’ve received a lot of dumb email today making a similar “argument”, but nothing crams the idiocy into such a tight space. First, we are not akin to Nazis and the moral equivalence is repugnant. Second, the Abu Ghraib abuses are not similar to death camps. Third, it wasn’t in the interest of the Nazis to have the images of the camps revealed to the world. It was in the interests of their enemies — which is part of my point. Fourth, I never said and do not believe that the photos should never have been released, simply that releasing them now does more harm than good. Sigh.


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